Wines by Tallarook
About Tallarook Winery
Tallarook is situated on an elevated yet protected site, among rugged hills on the northern slopes of Central Victoria's Great Dividing Range
The original Tallarook Vineyards form part of a property named Dabyminga. Established first in the 1980s and purchased in 1992 by the Riebl family, these vineyards and the wines produced under the Tallarook label represent a pioneering effort for the Tallarook district. The land was once part of the territories of the Goulburn Aboriginal tribes. Before white settlement, it was one of the most densely populated areas in Australia. Dabyminga derives from "Ab'minga" (snaketracks) in the language of the Natramboolok tribe. In the same language, Tallarook means "call of the wattlebird". Tallarook»