Fresita Sparkling Chardonnay Sauvignon Strawberry
Fruit Chardonnay SauvBlanc
Regions Colchagua
Each $16.99
Available by the dozen
Fresita Sparkling is a base wine of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc topped up with 3% natural strawberry pulp. This most exquisite of sparkling fruity wines is naturally fermented with selected yeasts that give the Fresita it's magical flavours. The fresh and natural strawberry pulp is added to the sparkling wine before being bottled thus creating a fine, pleasant blend of aromas that result in a balanced and attractive celebration sparkler. Fresita is served chilled and is absolutely insatiable by itself as aperitif or as an an accompaniement to hors d'oeuvres and desserts.
Chile is considered one of the best viticultural regions in the world. Natural geographical barriers have protected it from the arrival of Phylloxera and other aphids. The absence of these threats allows the Fresita Vina Manquehue winery and all Chilean producers to use the very minimum of chemical protection for the vines, leaving them to grow in the most natural conditions possible. Vina Manquehue received the initial selected French vines especially brought to Chile by the Rabat family in 1927. The technology applied to the management and production of vineyards has evolved with the years, and today the vineyard has a large, modern infra-structure that allows it to guarantee the quality of each wine.
The colour and appearance is a fresh dark pink. There is a unique effervescence that is fine and creamy, the sparkling fizz of this luxurious extends to into the air above the glass and remains salmon pink until burst. The nose is very rich, citrussy, honey-like. There are beautiful bouquets of praline, almond, stone fruits especially peaches and wisps of white chocolate. The palate is creamy, entangling the senses with brilliantly balanced flavours of luscious desserts based on fresh strawberries. While not overly sweet, this is a fruity wine in the truest sense and leaves the palate with a perfect finish.
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