Plozner Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio 2010
Fruit Pinot Grigio
Regions Grave del Friuli
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Lizio Plozner was a visionary who established his organically managed and environmentally friendly Pinot Grigio vineyards on the foothills of Grave del Friuli in the 1960s. Situated not far from the Alps and close to the region's picturesque morainic hills, the estate has grown to sixty hectares under vine and remains firmly in family hands. The climes of Grave del Friuli are idyllic for Pinot Grigio, cool and dry, they ripen healthy grapes. This vital and refreshing wine is vinified and cellared under the subterranean vaults of the Plozner wineworks.
The Plozner wines reflect their own region of origin. Fresh and flavourful with a characteristic crispness and universal appeal, they are aromatically complex with profound varietal definition and true personality. Terrain stones and gravels deposited by the Meduna and Tagliamento Rivers make up the soils on which the vines are planted. Alluvial in origin yet not very fertile, the soils guarantee excellent drainage, low vegetative vigor and naturally small crop yields. The colourful Pinot Grigio grapes are treated to a gentle press and vinification in bianco without maceration, before a spell of tank maturation under the winery's subterranean vaults. Plozner Pinot Grigio is bottled seven months after harvest. Approx 12.5%
Bright straw colour. A well balanced, elegant wine with pungent bouquet, light and fragrant in youth, showing depth and personality. Fresh notes of apples and exotic fruit evolve to nuances of dried fruits and hay. The palate is full, very mellow and round, with good body and acid balance and immediate appeal. A refreshing, medium bodied dry white, Plozner is a great match for risotti, pastas and fish.
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