Veuve Du Vernay Brut NV
WineryVeuve Du Vernay
Fruit Chardonnay CheninBlanc FolleBlanche UgniBlanc
Regions Bordeaux Loire Charente
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The French scientist who invented the Charmat sparkling winemaking process had a high regard for a rich widow in the village of Vernay. Fashioned from grapes grown to some of France's most exquisite winegrowing districts, Cuvee Veuve de Verney has been awarded many accolades and medals throughout it's illustrious history. A finely beaded, delightfully fresh and delicate sparkling wine with charming fruit characters, crafted from an assemblage of the noble Chardonnay with proportions of Chenin Blanc, Folle Blanche, and Ugni Blanc.
Veuve du Vernay claims an intimate link to the history of French sparkling wine, through the exploits of scientist Jean Eugene Charmat, who's son Robert created the brand in the 1960s. The excellent quality of the base wines and fruit used, in combination with careful monitoring of the secondary fermentations, result in a delightfully fresh and delicate sparkling wine with a charming touch of fruitiness. Although the Brut is typically created from wines of a single vintage, Vernay is not vintage dated, to allow the inclusion of other vintages for balance and consistency. Veuve du Vernay Brut is a pleasantly easy drinking, dry sparkling wine, but it is not austere, rather it suggests the characters of the fine fruit from which it is made.
A fine bead and persistent mouuse. Tres French and lively on the nose, bouquets of good dry crunchy fruit with characters of supple spice, apples and subdued cinammon, peachy elements and sweet smelling clovey punch. Straight onto the palate with crisp apple and nectarine flavours, heightened profiles of rich cashew and toasty, yeasty brioche, simple almond characters with complexities of mint, confectioned citrus and vanilla. This wine is fresh and appealing, florid and tangy at the finish, it lingers with long buttery, lemony elements. Comparable to France's finest, a wine of pleasant surprises, many discriminating palates have embraced Veuve du Vernay as their favourite French sparkling wine.
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